About Marija

Marija Radosavljevic, born as a fighter, in her young age showed interest in communication, business and the welfare for her environment. Although raised in a small community, a small country in the Balkans, Serbia, has always believed that there is no limitations. She never run away from any job and so she has gained a wide range of experience working in the country and beyond its borders. She has experience in sales from 2009. Today, by helping herself, other individuals, groups and organizations in the local community she is doing what she loves. Providing them with the information to follow life trends and business in general. The challenge of the digital age is present everywhere. We can overcome them only by developing our personality, setting goals, implementing elaborated plans, and fulfill the objectives within the given time limits.
Life in the unstable conditions of the state where she lives today made her thinks more, see below, wants better. A sincere smile and a big heart leave a mark on her acquaintances so many of them become true friends. The circle of people she knows is very wide and varied. She always wanted to get to know different cultures and nationalities worldwide and to study them. The desire for research and training never stops, is simply non stop drive which forces the advancement. Helping others to achieve clarity of their existence is considered her mission. Hers aim is to raise awareness in the people around her. Awareness of the true values and understanding the variety of people.

She graduated from the Megatrend University, Serbia, Department of the Faculty of  Business Studies. She spent her student time parallel for both studying and working in sales division of a company. So she had the opportunity to use her  knowledge  into practice. Upon completion of studies desire to explore the rest of the world is only getting higher. So she finds a job on luxury cruise ships, where he gets the opportunity to be working and traveling in the same time. By getting to know people from all latitudes, different profile personalities, nationalities and social status, she comes to many conclusions, and also many questions for herself. By finding different answers decided to start with writing. She sincerely believes that all daily problems can be easily overcome, that they can be seen from different angles and solved in simple ways, if enough common sense approach them. Individual approach to every individual or organization as a customer leave individual solutions. This is her current focus. Focusing on individuals come to an infinite number of creative ideas and design solutions.

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